Ex-NASA Engineer and At the Precipice Author publishes book on the miracles of the Apollo 13 mission

Can a study of science lead us to a fuller understanding of God? In Seeing the Son on the Way to the Moon, W. Merlin Merritt recounts his experiences during the early NASA space program. He describes his struggle to integrate faith and science and ultimately concludes that technology can point us to the grandeur of God’s universe. The immensity and wonders of the cosmos point not only to an intelligent creator God but also to One who is actively involved in the universe.

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Ex-Astronaut Has a Major Message About God, the Big Bang — and What Happens If Christians Refuse to Ask Key Questions

Dr. Leslie Wickman, a scientist and former astronaut who once served as a Hubble Space Telescope engineer, fervently believes that the ongoing debate over the perceived incompatibility of science and religion is merely “an illusion of conflict.”

Researcher reveals the most surprising find in pews - massive study about Americans' religious beliefs

A new report from the Pew Research Center showing a substantial decline in the proportion of self-identified American Christians and a modest rise in atheist and agnostic citizens has yielded a wide array of reactions from both believers and nonbelievers, alike.